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Festa in Valle 2021

La Festa In Valle is an open air music festival that was born at the end of the 90s, with the first editions organized for a few intimate people, always appreciated by the most nostalgic, but with the desire to get one day to organize something "big". This is how the idea of founding an association that would create a more solid and continuous event, which would give young bands the opportunity to perform in this fantastic place that is the valley of Monte Carasso / Sementina. As our philosophy we try to maintain a peaceful environment and popular prices.

The Festa In Valle usually takes place in mid-July and lasts for a full day, from the early hours of the morning with music and lunch offered, to arrive in the afternoon with the now "famous" amateur "Ping Pong" tournament, which for years has attracted hundreds of fans of the red and black racket. The latter accompanies people into the evening where usually around 18.30 the first of four bands scheduled for the evening will start to perform, until 03.00. The association currently has a committee of 8 members who take care of the entire organisation, it is a lot of work but it pays off in a lot of satisfaction. After several years of hard work and success, the Festa In Valle has become an open-air festival that takes place in this magnificent place surrounded by unspoilt nature. We have achieved our objectives by having numerous local and international bands perform on stage. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition, ready to party!!! We wait for you WLAFIV.


  • OPENING Sat: 17.00
  • CATEGORIES Music , Get-togethers