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European Heritage Days

Repair and reuse.

Heritage Days 2023 questions how to combine the best possible contribution to the realisation of the net-zero society with the protection of the historical substance of our built heritage. They focus on the sustainability of our historic architectural substance and the management of scarce resources.

We want to reduce energy consumption and at the same time preserve the historical substance of our built heritage. How to reconcile these two needs? Or, perhaps the solution to this challenge lies in recycling and creative reuse of historical substance? Can it help us better manage the not infinite resources and ensure, for example, that we can continue to build even when there is no more sand? The builders of historic buildings used natural and often locally available building materials. This makes them still sustainable today.

Recycling of valuable raw materials has long been part of our everyday life. However, using the old to build the new is not only a current phenomenon. In the past, it was done to save money. Today, we have to conserve resources. The built heritage that we want to pass on to many more generations also includes environmental integrity. This is why we are called upon to reduce our consumption of energy and electricity. This also applies to urban development and the renovation of buildings.

Events in the region:

  • Conoscere i trasparenti più antichi: Saturday 9 september, at 14:30, Museo d'Arte Mendrisio
  • Riutilizzare e reciclare costruendo: Sunday 10 september, at 10:00, Pianspessa (Muggio)
  • Scopri il Monte San Giorgio: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 september, at 09:00, Museo dei fossili del Monte San Giorgio


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