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Cement trail for everyone

Have you ever experienced total darkness and absolute silence?
In the Parco delle Gole della Breggia you can live this experience through The cement trail that will take you to the bowels of the earth to visit the limestone extraction tunnels!


Of the five kilometres in total, one has in fact been made safe and passable. Equipped with a helmet and lamps, the guide will take you on a unique journey in Switzerland, a journey through the history of man and nature. You will follow the same route that one and a half million cubic metres of majolica and flakes, the main ingredients for cement production, have taken from the quarries and tunnels to the crusher and finally to the kiln tower.


Meeting: 2.00 p.m. in the Corte del Mulino del Ghitello.
Necessary: comfortable and warm clothes (14° in the gallery) and comfortable shoes.


Dates: 15.08, 13.09, 23.09, 30.09, 11.10, 20.10, 31.10, 07.11.


Price: adults CHF/Euro 20.-, children 6-16 years CHF/Euro 15.-, AHV beneficiaries CHF/Euro 15.- Reduction with Swiss Museum Passport.


Reservation: mandatory within 2 days before visiting [email protected].
More information on: www.parcobreggia.ch and facebook page.