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Carnival Nebiopoli

Are you ready for a new edition of Nebiopoli? The 59th edition will start on February 28th!


At the opening of the Carnival the city authorities give the power to the Prime Minister (King of the Carnival) who, for the occasion, transforms the city into the Free Republic of Nebiopoli. Under the authority of the Prime Minister, satire and entertainment are supreme.

On Mardi Gras, along the streets of the town, the Nebiopoli Masquerade Cortège parades at 2 pm. Bands and guggen, masquerade groups and carts represent - in an ironic and satiric way - events which occured during the past year. The celebrations continue with a big party in the sheds and in the streets of the town until Tuesday, clsoing day of Nebiopoli.


Thursday 28.02.2019 opening Nebiopoli - free entrance
Friday 01.03.2019 Children's masquerade cortège - free entrance
Tuesday 05.03.2019 59th Nebiopoli Masquerade Cortège


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