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Bellinzona Castles & GO

Bellinzona Castles & GO: the most medieval race on earth!
Sunday 28th May 2023

If you like running or walking, there is a new race for you in town!

Drawbridges, secret passages, crenellated paths, uncontaminated woods, prestigious neighbourhoods and medieval town centres.

11 km of running race (start at 10.45 a.m.) and the same number of walking/nordic walking race (start at 09.45 a.m.) with cultural, historical and architectural implications and characterised by medieval re-enactments and lots of music linked to the territory.

Party and conviviality to follow.

Reserve your date, register and discover the "Bellinzona Castles & GO": www.castlesandgo.com

From a first, small "like" on the facebook page, you will see this innovative and unique running event grow: www.facebook.ch 


  • OPENING Sun: 10.00
  • CATEGORIES Sports events , Get-togethers