Image 0 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 1 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 2 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 3 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 4 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 5 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 6 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 7 - Autumn festival & cheese market
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Image 10 - Autumn festival & cheese market

Autumn festival & cheese market

In the "beautiful living room" of Bellinzona, more than 60 stands will exhibit their autumn products, the most important part of which is made up of alpine cheeses from Ticino and Mesolcina, in fact 41 mountain dwellers will offer the public the fruit of their hard work carried out in the summer months on various mountain pastures.

Given the period this review is one of the first after downloading the alpine pastures, in fact most of theme were downloaded in September, but some have been extended until early October, so just before the review. One - or perhaps the largest - market offering alpine cheeses, there are various forms of exposed cows, goats and mixed cows and goats.

Complementing the exhibition there will also be 2 competitions that will define the best cheese of all: a "professional" competition will be run by a jury of professionals who will operate on the basis of a detailed score for each form examined, the other will be a popular opinion, in fact in each stand there will be voting cards on which you can give preference to one product over another.

But the event is not only cheese, there will also be local wine producers with wine tastings, there will be honey, chestnuts, bread, chocolate and other local autumn products.

Many are the activities that will accompany this autumn festival, starting from those for children (puppet shows, street artists, enclosure for goats, educational hive and exhibition on beekeeping, educational dairy), to those for adults (different musical moments offered on 2 stages - one in Piazza Nosetto and one in Piazza Teatro - the concert of the horns of the Alps, the mushroom festival, the diaporama on the mountain pastures and wolves, transhumance).

Didactic dairy
A didactic dairy will be set up in the Piazza Governo, thanks to which children accompanied by a cheesemaker will be able to transform the milk into cheese. This experience will be very fun and educational for children. Mandatory registration (091 825 21 31 or [email protected])

On Sunday morning (11.15 - 11.45), there will be a parade of cows from Viale Stazione and Piazza Governo. The animals will parade showing all their beauty and elegance, a very exciting appointment not to be missed!

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