Image 0 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 1 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 2 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 3 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 4 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 5 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 6 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 7 - Autumn festival & cheese market
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Image 9 - Autumn festival & cheese market
Image 10 - Autumn festival & cheese market

Autumn festival & cheese market

Bellinzona's town centre will host numerous stalls displaying alpine cheeses from Ticino and Mesolcina, the result of the alpine farmers' work during the summer months on the various mountain pastures. This festival is one of the first to be held after the alps have been unloaded. In fact, most of the alps are unloaded in September, but some last until the first days of October, so just before the festival. 

Exhibition Hours
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • 11.15 a.m. - Start of the Transhumance (over 30 cows and 20 goats will descend the Station Avenue to Piazza Governo)
  • 11.45 - 12.30 - Cow exhibition
  • 13.30 - Lecture "Life of the Alpine Man" Pietro Fontana (Festival Sconfinare
  • 14.30 - Award ceremony

Music programme

11.00 - Filarmonica Alta Leventina (T)

12.00 - Sott Burg Jazz Band (N)

14.00 - Filarmonica Alta Leventina (T)

15.00 - Sott Burg Jazz Band (N)

16.00 - Los Fernandos (T)

18.30 - Coro del Coriandolo (N) 


09.15 - La Castellana (T)

10.15 - Coro del Coriandolo

12.00 - Nüm Dal Corno (T)

13.00 - La Castellana (T)

14.00 - IntantoCanto (N)

15.00 - Nüm dal Corno (T)

16.00 - La Castellana (T)

N = Palco Nosetto / T = Palco Teatro

Ticino wines

Some of the largest wine producers in the area will have their products on display for the public to taste. If you buy a "wine tasting" card, you will receive a characteristic glass produced by a local artist where you can taste the wines.

Cheeses from the Ticino Alps
Almost all the farmers are present at this event since it is one of the first autumn festivals and they can offer their cheeses produced on the alpine pastures that have just been unloaded: cow, goat, mixed and other mountain specialities.

Sweet and chocolate
Some stalls will present confectionery and chocolate products; an opportunity for those with a sweet tooth to taste characteristic products made by Ticino craftsmen.

Many different types of bread can be tasted but also admired in their particular forms.

Honey, chestnuts
Other typical autumn products will be presented on the stalls of the square.

There will be a competition for Alpine cheeses and bread, where a professional jury will designate the best product of the season.


The event will be accompanied by a large amusement park for children (with inflatables, face painting, etc.) and moments of theatre and storytelling for the younger ones. For adults there will be musical entertainment, and the possibility of eating one of the festival menus in local restaurants.



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