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From June 3 to Sept. 30, 2023 CaronaImmagina presents Anima(l)s, a photography festival free for all.

For the first time in Switzerland, photographs from the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PHOTO ARK with the theme "Vanishing" will be exhibited throughout the alleys and squares of the village center; an educational and spectacular journey into the world of nature. The photos, shown in large format, represent part of the extraordinary work of Joel Sartore, a world-renowned photographer who for more than 15 years has traveled to zoos, aquariums and wildlife sanctuaries around the world in an effort to create a photographic archive of global biodiversity. The CaronaImmagina Festival will be enriched by events such as educational trails, nighttime guided tours, animal sets where your pet will be photographed, games available for little wildlife explorers such as a hunt for details discovered in the photos, and more. Follow us at www.caronaimmagina.ch for the full list of events and dates. We look forward to seeing you numerous and curious in discovering the beauty of our world’s soul.


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