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Hubervini is a family-owned winegrowing company that has been active in Malcantone since the early 1980s. Vines have been cultivated here since Roman times, and we are proud to be able to bring this activity back to the area in the sunny Monteggio (Tresa). Daniel and Anne-Marie Huber reclaimed the land around the 1700 house that houses the winery. In 2016, their son Jonas took over the business, which he runs successfully combining personal style with family tradition. We are privileged to take care of our product from the vineyard to the sale.

We cultivate biologically and with passion over 7 hectares around the winery and produce around 30,000 bottles each year. The direct relationship with our customers is very important to us, it enriches us and motivates us to always give our best. We produce a range of wines that includes white wines, a rosé and several red wines, mainly Merlot.

We also offer a brut sparkling wine and two types of grappa. We are always looking for a product that best represents our terroir and our style, and we also pay special attention to the environment. We offer tastings throughout the year, especially during the warm season which allows to take advantage of the beautiful courtyard.


  • Upon appointment
  • Closed: Sundays
  • Maximum 15 personnes
  • Production less than 30'000


  • Montagna Magica, Merlot Ticino Doc
  • Costera Riserva, Rosso del Ticino Doc
  • Tenuta del Ronco di Persico, Merlot Ticino Doc
  • Fustoquattro, Merlot del Ticino Doc    
  • Volpe Alata, Chardonnay IGT Svizzera
  • Completer, IGT Ticino
  • Savagnin, IGT Ticino
  • Volpe Matta, Merlot Bianco IGT Ticino
  • Volpe Rosa, rosé IGT Ticino
  • Grappa della Montagna Magica


  • Wine tastings are accompanied by bread, cold meats and cheeses from the region and can be booked by writing to: [email protected].


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