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Wine cellar Daniel Huber

In Monteggio, Switzerland, in the middle of the Tresa River valley, lie the vineyards and winery of HuberVini. The winery itself is located in a group of 17th century Malcontonese buildings which are also the home of Anne-Marie and Dani Huber and their family. Together with two employees, the Huber family cares for 6.8 hectares of vineyards, almost all of which enjoy a southern exposure on steep slopes at 300-450 meters above sea level. About 25,000 bottles are produced yearly. This is typical for a small family business in Switzerland where they handle everything from the grapes to the marketing themselves. In this way, the winemaker’s fantasies can be turned into reality in the vineyard.

Production area: Malcantone (Monteggio, Sessa)

Magic Mountain
- Quality: excellent nature, aged in barrique
- Provenance: Monteggio, TI DOC
- Grape variety: 95% merlot, cabernet franc and sauvignon 5%
- Character: fruity, intense aromas
- Alcohol: 13% vol
- Packaging: 75 cl

Ronco of Persico
- Quality: vinified in large barrels and barriques
- Provenance: Cru and Monteggio TI DOC
- Grape variety: merlot
- Character: intense and elegant structure
- Alcohol content: 12.5% vol
- Packaging: 75 cl

- Quality: vinified in large oak barrels
- Provenance: Malcantone (Monteggio, Sessa, Agno)
- Grape variety: merlot (5% Pinot Noir)
- Character: intense, pleasant, typical Malcantone fruit
- Alcohol: 12% vol
- Packaging: 75 cl

Other products:
- Pinkish gush of Pinot and Merlot
- Gushing brut, rosé classic method
- White Chardonnay aged on barrique
- Grappa



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