Image 0 - Walking on grazing land - Cows
Image 1 - Walking on grazing land - Cows
Image 2 - Walking on grazing land - Cows

Walking on grazing land - Cows

On the hiking trails of the Alpine regions, you could meet paths were you will need to cross a grazing land with cows. 

In order to avoid problems, it is advisable to follow some important rules:


Rules of conduct in case of direct encounter with cows


In case the hiker has to enter a grazing land…

Keep an eye on the signage. Keep calm and do not frighten the animals. Generally, cows are very curious, but not dangerous.


If some cows block your way…

Keep calm. If possible follow the path. If there are cows on the path, it is better to circumvent the group, rather than passing between them.


If you’re accompanied by your dog…

Keep your dog on the leash and under control. If a cow attacks your dog, remove the leash, so that he can run away.


If the cows show signs of threat or look aggressive…

The cows’ signs of aggressiveness include moving the head up and down many times consecutively, foaming at the mouth, stamping and mooing repeatedly. In case you notice these characteristics in their behaviour, retreat slowly without turning your back to the animal. The cows will feel threatened if you do sudden or fast movements. 


Respect the cows with calves…

Never touch the calf. The mama-cows protect their calves against anything that they could consider as an aggression.