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Ticino, education

It is impossible to talk about education without thinking of Switzerland. In fact, it is here that the best schools, both public and private, are concentrated. Ticino boasts cutting-edge educational and university institutions offering courses aimed on the one hand at meeting the needs of international students, but above all at meeting the needs of a continually evolving job market.


Below is a selection of the most important institutions on an international level:


USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana

The Università della Svizzera Italiana (University of Italian Switzerland) is one of twelve public universities in Switzerland. It is made up of two campuses: one in Lugano, which is home to the Economics, Communication Studies, and Informatics faculties, and the other in Mendrisio, which is home to the Academy of Architecture. The USI is a multilingual university which is very open to international students. Between the teaching staff and the student population, there are more than a hundred nationalities present at the university.

[email protected]www.usi.ch

Campus Lugano USI © Università della Svizzera italiana


SUPSI –Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana

SUPSI is a university of applied sciences and arts recognized by the Swiss Confederation.

It is active in the areas of Architecture and Construction, Design, Business Management, Teacher training, Social Work, Music and Theatre, Health, Engineering and Information Technologies, and offers Bachelor's, Master's and Diploma degree programmes as well as Continuing education courses for professionals, companies and institutions.

The research activity is distinguished by its strong practical application, with the primary aim of offering innovative solutions to improving both the competitiveness of companies and organisations, as well as the quality of people's lives.



Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University Switzerland offers intercultural teaching and guarantees a university education (Bachelor of Arts) in English that is recognised by both the United States and the Conference of Swiss Universities (CUS). Over the summer, Franklin University offers intensive English courses for students between 17 and 19 years old to obtain entrance certificates for international universities and colleges. In addition to studying, the college also offers the opportunity to visit the most beautiful cities in Switzerland and Europe.

[email protected]www.fus.edu


TASIS – The American School in Switzerland

TASIS School is located in Montagnola, a small village in the municipality of Collina d’Oro, near Lugano. This private institute is open to primary to upper-secondary school aged students from many different countries to prepare them for the best universities and American colleges in the world. It is important to highlight the summer courses, which run from June to August, are open to students of various ages (+4-10/11-13/14-18), and combine language studies with entertainment and fun.

[email protected]www.tasis.ch