Image 0 - The waterfall of Piumogna
Image 1 - The waterfall of Piumogna
Image 2 - The waterfall of Piumogna
Image 3 - The waterfall of Piumogna

The waterfall of Piumogna


The waterfall of Piumogna is 43 meters high and is considered one of the most spectacular in Ticino. It can be reached on foot easily, there are parking lots nearby and it represents an unmissable attraction for nature lovers that spend some time in Leventina, even if they do so only for a couple of hours. A suspension bridge over the creek, which gives the name to this wild waterfall, allows visitors to enjoy a spectacle in nature of rare beauty in complete safety.

Keen on green? You will certainly appreciate the picnic area with tables for your relaxing lunch break.Or, for the more adventurous, you can walk up the mountain along an official trail and find other extraordinary waterfalls. The summer stream source can be accessed by following other ways and only by the most skilled climbers, who will also certainly appreciate a break at Campo Tencia hut. The Piumogna rises from a small pond, which has a surface area of a bedroom, and is situated at 2,482 meters above the sea level.