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The Sculpture School "Kalos Artistic Center"

The "Kalos Artistic Center" Sculpture School, founded in 2003 under the mantle of the Kalos Artistic Association, offers professional level training, albeit aimed at amateurs, in sculpture and in the plastic arts.

The training principle is based on the development of objective observation skills, and on the manual realization of the image fixed in the mind. Once you have mastered the manual skills and precise memorization of an image, the process of sculpting or modeling a figure only concerns the material you want to use and the relative processing technique.

The courses offered are:

  • Basic sculpture course, where beginners learn the aforementioned techniques and create a in-the-round figure on a natural scale;
  • Advanced sculpture course for learning how to make a figure on a scale other than the original;
  • Stone carving, where the techniques and the use of different tools or instruments are acquired;
  • Microfusion course, to learn the technique of making a figure for lost wax casting, and the related casting technique;
  • Glass course, where are acquired the techniques of making figures in glass in two or three dimensions  by tying or melting the glass.


  • TIMETABLE Monday: Su appuntamento/By appointment only
    Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00
    Wednesday: Su appuntamento/By appointment only
    Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
    Friday: Su appuntamento/By appointment only
    Saturday: Su appuntamento/By appointment only
    Sunday: Su appuntamento/By appointment only