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Tenuta Larosa

Daldini-Vini, founded by Giacomo Daldini in 1884 is the full expression (with its productive choices) of the two faces of the Ticinese region: the traditional one, connected to the land and the industrious and innovative one, connected to the sunny northern Mediterranean.


  • Monday - Saturday upon request


  • Merlot, Ticino DOC, VITI
  • Merlot, Ticino DOC, VITI
  • Selezione DIVO  Merlot, Ticino DOC
  • "Riserva dei Patrizi di Vezia"  Merlot, Ticino DOC
  • Tenuta Larosa
  • Merlot, Ticino DOC
  • Tenuta Larosa Barrique   Bianco di Merlot
  • Ticino DOC Rosato di Merlot
  • Ticino DOC Grappa nostrana 48°


  • WINE AND CELLARS Wine cellars , Tasting sessions