Image 0 - SwissPass Plus – mobile in many ways

SwissPass Plus – mobile in many ways

The SwissPass is more than a GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard. It opens the door to a Mobility car, includes rental bikes from PubliBike and sets the turnstiles in motion in skiing areas. You therefore have one card for various public transport travelcards and partner services.


At swisspass.ch you will find a summary of all current partner services, which we are constantly extending. For more detailed information about partner services and for bookings, you will be directed to the websites of the relevant providers.


Mobility Carsharing.

Carsharing is the clever way to drive a car. You are mobile at all times without the obligations that go with having your own car. With Mobility, 2,700 vehicles are available to you around the clock at 1,400 self-service locations across Switzerland. It’s the economical way to stay on the move as you only pay for a car when you really need it.



Travelling by public transport and covering the final stage by bike or e-bike – this is what PubliBike offers. With your SwissPass you can borrow a bike or e-bike around the clock at one of the PubliBike stations, take a bike tour and then bring it back to any station.



The network for Swiss non-motorised traffic offers you attractive routes for walking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and canoeing. SwissMobile makes it possible for you to plan your own routes or try out those from other users. Thanks to its own app, you can save your map quite simply on your mobile device for the next trip and even use it without a network connection.


Winter sports.

With your SwissPass you can obtain your ski pass simply and conveniently with no long queues and enjoy a stress-free outing in the Swiss mountains.


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