Swiss Helicopter Hangar Tour and Flight

Aeroporto Cantonale
Via Areoporto 17, 6596 Gordola, +41 91 745 44 88

See Switzerland from above! Departure from the airport Locarno-Gordola, more possibilities on request. A unique experience!


Why is it that a helicopter can fly just as a bird? The Swiss-Helicopter Team will explain the fascinating technology that enables pilots to carry out challenging transport and passenger flights. A brief video shows pilots and flight assistants in action. Then there i...

Opening dates 01.11 - 31.12
SERVICES Incentive, Special offers, Guided tours
Aeroporto Cantonale
Via Areoporto 17,
6596 Gordola
Tel.: +41 91 745 44 88
Fax: +41 91 745 10 25
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