2 days of running through the streets of Lugano.

Saturday is dedicated to the 10Km CityRun (certified and homologated track), the 5Km FunRun for those who want to try their hand at an official competition for the first time, and, concluding in the evening, the 3Km Run4Charity where all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Sunday starts with the Monte Brè Challenge Race, which can be combined with Saturday's 10Km CityRun and thus participate in the StraCombinata. This is followed by the 21Km Half Marathon (track, certified and homologated), the same start for those who want to share the track: the 21Km HM RelayRun. Closing the edition is the race for the youngest: the KidsRun, the running event where emotions run high and spread among the youngsters.

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