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Robièi, at the foot of the glacier Basòdino, is an alpine region of high altitude, rich with lakes, wildlife and exceptional flora. A few kilometers away from Locarno, Robièi is a wonderful place to spend unforgettable days in the open air of fun, sport and tranquility.


With a cabin capacity of 125 people, the cable car from San Carlo Bavona, carries over 20,000 people to Robiéi every summer. In just 15 minutes, you can reach Robièi, at an altitude of 1890 meters, from where you can enjoy an astonishing view onto the summit of Basodino and the Alta Val Bavona that is characterized by boulders, rock walls and nature.


The region is a paradise for hiking: Robièi is the perfect starting point for many walks to do. The different paths allow you to enjoy breathtaking views and discover thebeauties of the region: the fascinating glacier Basodino that is the largest in the Ticino, the lake and the dam of Robiei. After a day in the sun and mountain air, you can enjoy the local specialties prepared by the chef of the restaurant of Robièi.