Image 0 - Porera - Rasa

Porera - Rasa

Beautiful crossing from the banks of the Verbano to Rasa in Centovalli

You can get to Porera (or Purera), one of Ronco s/Ascona's hamlets, situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Locarno by car or, if you don't want to have to retrieve your car later, you can hike up from Ronco s/Ascona in about 2 hours. Leave the car along the recently built forest road. You could start the trip by following the latter but it is worth it to go down to the Monti di Purera, a few minutes walk just below the road. Our destination lies upwards to the SW and is indicated by an airtight sign with the words "Sentiero di montagna". Follow the hillside without leaving the SW direction until you reach the already mentioned asphalted country road, closed to traffic at that point. After a few hundred meters leave the road to climb on your right towards the pretty little church named after the Blessed Virgin of Pozzuoli. An easy path, still only marked "Sentiero di montagna", which leads to a fork for the Corona dei Pini or the Alpe di Naccio where there is the first indication for Rasa. Follow the direction indicated for a few hundred meters until you come to an opening where a path descends toward the Centovalli. After reaching the monti di Termine and the already mentioned Monti you come to Rasa where you can have refreshment at the Ghiridone Grotto.
From Rasa you can go down with the small cable car, which runs every 20 minutes in the summertime, and then the train to Locarno.

Inclination: 300 m ascent, 400 descent.