Image 0 - Playpark Pineta Saracino
Image 1 - Playpark Pineta Saracino
Image 2 - Playpark Pineta Saracino
Image 3 - Playpark Pineta Saracino
Image 4 - Playpark Pineta Saracino
Image 5 - Playpark Pineta Saracino

Playpark Pineta Saracino

Pineta Saracino is located in Ghirone, in the upper Blenio Valley, a stone's throw from Greina. In the pinewood there is a refreshment area with a fully equipped kitchen, bar, grill, indoor tables and a large playground for children. 

In the summer season the Pineta Saracino offers a cuisine with typical dishes and products of the valley from local farms. 

It is ideal for aperitifs, lunches, dinners and family or group parties and is easily reached by car (parking on site), on foot or by public transport.

It is an ideal resting place for hikers or a simple meeting point for spending time in the nature of the upper Blenio Valley.

The Gerlalena

The gerlalena is a swing in the shape of a basket. The new place to immortalise and share your best moments at #campoblenio! Share your selfies with the hashtag #lagerlalena!

Lounge Saracino
Looking not only for adventure, but also absolute relaxation? Try the Lounge Saracino area, where you can relax while listening comfortably to the calm of the surrounding nature!



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