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Playground Calonico

A playground for those who love nature, the road to get there is not the most comfortable, but the beauty of the place repays everything. Perfect on hot summer days, but with an even more special charm in the autumn months. Peace and silence are only broken by the roar of the stream.



  • completely in the shade;
  • parking spaces close by;
  • three picnic tables and a grill place;
  • several benches;
  • very spacious;
  • a ping-pong table;
  • pets not allowed;
  • near the Grotto Pro Bell.


  • a slide on the tree;
  • a bilzo jump;
  • three swings;
  • two spring games;
  • a Tyrolean;
  • a path with trunks.


  • VENUES Suitable for families , Playground