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Pesce Sole Sub

The Pesce Sole Sub Lugano diving group was founded in Agnuzzo on the 20 October 1974.

Since then numerous divers have been trained by the group and in 2014 we celebrated the 40 years of activity.

Since its opening, the PSS group has always had the goal of training new divers, in particulary to pass the passion for diving and the respect for the flora and fauna of the seabeds.



Training is the core business of the Pesce Sole Sub Group. We think continuing education on the new techniques and gear is a must point of start for diving in safety with friends.

We have a multiannual experience in the education field and our instructors follow constantly refresher courses to guarantee an high training standard.

All the brevets released by the group are recognized worldwide. Our courses follow international didactic as CMAS, DAN and SSI.

All year round we organize numerous activities such as courses and excursions both in Switzerland and abroad.


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