Image 0 - Parco del Laveggio
Image 1 - Parco del Laveggio
Image 2 - Parco del Laveggio
Image 3 - Parco del Laveggio

Parco del Laveggio

Laveggio, un fiume da vivere.

The project envisages improving pedestrian enjoyment along the Laveggio River and focuses on the park and the experience it offers the user, filling in the gaps in the route between the springs and the mouth and developing a network of paths connecting the Laveggio Park route to existing resources.

With the new routes, the project reconnects the urban fabric to the river and offers new perspectives on the territory and its morphology.

Walkways, platforms, benches and educational stations will open up new glimpses of the territory and allow people to come face to face with its orography, the road infrastructures, the landscape and their relationship with the watercourse today.


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