Image 0 - Oratory of S. Remigio
Image 1 - Oratory of S. Remigio
Image 2 - Oratory of S. Remigio

Oratory of S. Remigio

In the village of Boscero, at the bottom of the valley, opposite Dongio, there is the oratory of S. Remigio. The small oratory of Romanesque origin (13th century), later enlarged and altered, was restored between 1943 and 1946.

Inside, on the right wall of the nave, were found, during the restoration work, some frescoes that for their characteristics can be assigned to the thirteenth century.

When the frescoes in the triumphal arch and in the apse, attributed to Tarilli (17th century), were torn away and brought back to life on canvas (they are now hung in the choir and in the chapel on the left), other paintings by apostles of the late Romanesque period came to light. In the apse there is a precious Romanesque stucco altar, partly rebuilt.

The Orartory is closed, keys by Ms Conceprio Gabriella, Corzoneso-Piano (tel. 091 871 17 27) or from the Municipal Chancellery of Dongio (tel. 091 871 11 81).