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Lake of Muzzano

Clouds are reflected on the water, the hills embracing the lake bathed in twilight and along the shores in spring frogs perform in concerts long.

No wonder that this lake is the favorite destination for those who enjoy running, walking and walking with the dog, nature lovers and families with children. But be careful! The lake and its shores are delicate habitats of valuable plant and animal species. Along the lake, Pro Natura, in cooperation with the Canton Ticino, has dug small pools in which toads, frogs and dragonflies have found them home. It is important that these species are not disturbed by people passing through, which is why certain areas are not accessible to the public.

The walk around the lake starts at the railway station of Capella-Agnuzzo, then it surrounds the Lake of Muzzano counterclockwise and finally it goes up untill the village of Muzzano with its carefully renovated buildings.  A stairway lead the hiker back on the shore, where there is the "House of the fisherman", owned by Pro Natura Ticino. The building, which is not open to the public, is used for the many local activities of Pro Natura, intended mainly for children and young people. From the observation deck next to the house it is possible to see, with a little luck, the kingfisher darting quickly on the surface of the water before disappearing into his home. Moreover, in early spring, it is easy to see the elegant courtship dance grebe. Or you can just sit on a log along the shores and enjoy the peace and the view of this beautiful lake.

Where: Between Lugano and Agno, not far from Lake Lugano.
What: Lake with banks, reed beds and wet meadows (Carex) revalued.
Who: Pro Natura owns the lake and some land along the banks.
Caution: Dogs on a leash. It is forbidden to swim.
When: All year.
How: With the FLP regional train from Lugano to Cappella-Agnuzzo. Walk around the lake (about 2 km). Return from Cappella Agnuzzo.
• Remarks: the stretch Cremignone-Muzzano is on a road with no pavement.


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