Image 0 - Ice-Skating on wheelchair
Image 1 - Ice-Skating on wheelchair

Ice-Skating on wheelchair

For people that move around with the help of a wheelchair, ice skating is not impossible anymore!

The ice rink Resega in Lugano, is well equipped for people with physical disabilities and now also offers them the chance of trying ice skating thanks to a special skate. More precisely, it is a rectangular platform,which can support any kind of wheelchair. To move on the ice, the platform is equipped with blades that allow it to adhere perfectly to the ice. A great invention that allows people with physical disabilities to have winter fun in the ice rinks.

The “Fondazione Cerebral” launched the initiative in cooperation with the “Dicastero Sport Città di Lugano” through a common project called “Skating on the ice for people on a wheelchair”. The promoters would like to extend the initiative to all of Switzerland, with the hope that more and more ice rinks will become places accessible to everyone.



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