Image 0 - Hiking holidays: Ticino Valleys

Hiking holidays: Ticino Valleys

The most isolated parts of Switzerland are to be found in the side valleys of the Ticino. Time seems to stand still among the pointed bell towers and stone houses. While life pulsates a few kilometres away on Lake Maggiore, here you feel as if you are in another world. Steep slopes and countless waterfalls await you in the Verzasca Valley. The Vallemaggia with its typical rustic houses and natural pools awaits your visit. The Onsernone Valley and the Centovalli are characterised by mule tracks. Finally, before concluding the tour of the Ticino valleys, a walk above Lake Maggiore. 

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Day 1: Arrival in Sonogno - "Sentiero Verzasca" Sonogno - Lavertezzo (approx. 4 hrs. 14 km 265 m 650 m)

Day 2: "Sentiero Verzasca" Lavertezzo - Locarno (approx. 6 h approx. 16.5 km 1'060 m 1'115 m)

Day 3: Locarno - Ponte Brolla (approx. 3.5 h approx. 12.5 km 500 m 610 m)

Day 4: "Via delle Vose" Loco - Intragna approx. 2 h approx. 6 km 275 m 615 m

Day 5: "Via del Mercato" Intragna - Camedo approx. 4 h approx. 11.5 km 840 m 615 m

Day 6: Rasa - Ronco sopra Ascona (approx. 3.5 hrs. approx. 9.5 km 520 m 1,050 m)