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Hiking holidays: Sentiero Cristallina

The Sentiero Cristallina links Bignasco in Valle Maggia with Airolo in Val Bedretto. Between them lie steep mountain slopes, a waterfall on a village outskirts, crystalline rock, Alpine lakes/reservoirs, idyllic alps and remote hamlets.
From the typical Ticino mountain village of Bignasco, the trail winds through the stony, deeply-carved-out Val Bavona with its 12 small hamlets. A steep climb leads up past the traditional Basodino Hut to the natural and dammed lakes, which give life to this Alpine area and provide most of the electricity in Canton Ticino, whereas paradoxically, the Val Bavona just below has no electricity.
The sparse mountain meadows along the winding trail to the modern Cristallina lodge are increasingly laced with scree. The imposing and modern Capanna Critallina, with its excellent facilities and room for 120 guests, is located right on the pass, with spectacular views of the Basodino glacier.
The route leads down from the rocky slopes to charming alps and forests. The high-level trail on the sunny side of the Val Bedretto runs through high moorland and affords beautiful views to the Gotthard massif, everything a hiker’s heart could wish for. The goal of the route is reached at the traffic junction of Airolo.

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Day 1: Individual arrival in Bignasco

Day 2: Bignasco–S. Carlo (Val Bavona)

The Val Bavona is marked by steep mountain slopes, wild vegetation, much rock and stone, and 12 rustic hamlets. Of particular note: dwellings built into fissures in the cliffs. Worth seeing: 50m-high waterfall in Foroglio.  Details: ca. 14 Kilometer, climb 900 m, descent 300 m, 4.5 h

Day 3: S. Carlo (Val Bavona)–Cap. Cristallina
The stage winds in narrow bends up steep steps to the L. di Robiei reservoir, passing other lakes to reach the modern Capanna Cristallina lodge. The lodge faces the glistening ice masses of the Basodino and much crystalline rock is found in its vicinity. Details: ca. 12 Kilometer, climb 1'640 m, descent 110 m, 5.5 h

Day 4: Cap. Cristallina SAC – Airolo
From the stony mountain slopes, across beautiful alps with typical twin water troughs, to finally reach the Val Bedretto-Höhenweg (high-level trail). The high moorland ablaze with dazzling colour and views of the Gotthard massif are phenomenal. Details: ca. 17 km, climb 260 m,  descent 1'685 m, ca. 5 h


  • 3 overnights stays with breakfast
  • Half-board at the Capanna Cristallina
  • Daily luggage transport 
  • Guide 
  • Detailed tour documentation
  • GPS-data available
  • 7-day Helpline 

Not included:

Bus trip S. Carlo - Bignaso (back and forth, CHF 12.- pp)