Image 0 - Hiking holidays: Monte Generoso & Valle di Muggio

Hiking holidays: Monte Generoso & Valle di Muggio

The Fiore di pietra mountain station on the summit of Monte Generoso stretches up into the sky like a blossom. A landmark and at the same time the starting point for wonderful days of hiking that take you through the Muggio Valley and the border area of Lombardy. The valley itself is considered one of the most beautiful in Switzerland: sparsely populated with small villages and countless sheep and goats grazing on the undulating green valley flanks. Starting from the village of Scudellate in the upper Muggio Valley, you hike partly on the Italian side and enjoy views of the surrounding lakes.

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Day 1: Arrival at Monte Generoso | Monte Generoso - Scudellate (approx. 3.5 h approx. 13 km, up 325 m, down 1'020 m)

Day 2: Round hike Muggio Valley (approx. 4 h approx. 11 km, up and down 865 m)

Day 3: Scudellate - Vacallo (approx. 6 h approx. 20 km, up 885 m, down 1180 m)

Day 4: Vacallo - Chiasso | Departure (approx. 3.5 h approx. 12 km, up 385 m, down 770 m)