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Grape Harvest in the Mendrisiotto Region


Would you like to have a unique experience in contact with nature by actively taking part in the grape harvest? In the Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio region it is possible.

Various wine growers and wine producers have expressed their readiness to welcome visitors, who can personally experience the magic and festive atmosphere which traditionally accompanies the grape harvest season. The guests will be able to spend a full day in the vineyards gathering ripe grapes in close contact with the producers and they will have a chance to learn more about the first stages of wine-making. A convivial break is planned at lunchtime. All the participants will suspend their activity to unite around a table and taste a simple rural meal in a relaxing and festive atmosphere.

Period for the offer:
(depending on the wine growers' and producers' availability)

approx. from 10am to 5pm

Sign up:
at the Tourist office Mendrisiotto Turismo
telephone: 091 641 30 50
e-mail: [email protected]