Funicular Lugano-Train Station

Piazza Cioccaro, 6900 Lugano, +41 58 866 72 28

The funicular of Lugano represents the fastest way to reach the SBB station. It is a modern, secure, comfortable, and technologically advanced means of transport.

It was created in 1886, when Lugano was already a well-known touristic destination. In the last 2 years the station has been completely renovated and since December 11, with the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the funicular has b...

TRANSPORTS Funiculars - Cable cars
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During the first year after the historical opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel all guests of hotels, youth hostels or camping sites benefit from free public transport in the entire Canton, every single day of their stay in Ticino. It further offers advantages on the access to cable cars, navigation and main tourist attractions.

Piazza Cioccaro, 6900 Lugano
Tel.: +41 58 866 72 28
Fax: +41 58 866 72 34
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