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FlyTicino – Paragliding Tandem Flights

Paragliding from Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations for paragliding in Switzerland. From its peak at 1701 meters, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Ticino and the Lugano Lake with its nearby valleys.

Once you the take off, you will be immersed in pure nature. You will find yourself flying in a wild landscape set in lush vegetation, experiencing an adventure full of adrenaline that you will remember forever!

Tandem flight with passenger

Imagine flying in the sky above civilization, your lungs full of fresh air and enjoying breathtaking views in a totally safe way! A tandem paragliding flight from Monte Generoso is the perfect activity for families and also for children! There are no age limitations for flying, nor any special requirements. You only need a little bit of curiosity and enthusiasm! Tandem paragliding flights with tandem pilots can be organized every day of the week (weather permitting).


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