Image 0 - Excursion on the Greina Plane
Image 1 - Excursion on the Greina Plane
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Image 4 - Excursion on the Greina Plane

Excursion on the Greina Plane

The Greina Plateau lies between the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino. Even as early as the Roman era, important routes across the Alps led through this region. The plateau has remained an untouched jewel because it is still only reached on foot.

From Campo Blenio you can arrive to the dam easily with the car, after surpassing the Luzzone Dam you can find a parking place. Following the directions you will go through a tunnel and then continue along the lake on a road closed to the traffic that exceeds the Rio Scarada on a n bridge high above the throat.
A good path descends slightly to wander in the woods overlooking the picturesque panorama that you will see at the head of the lake. A rocky ravine, which seems to preclude the way, is passed on traits supported by logs.
A stretch winding, scenic and finally you will arrive to the new modern cottage Motterascio belonging to the CAS, at 2172 meters above sea level.

Journey: 2.30; difficulty hiking.

The plateau of Greina (Plaun la Greina), six kilometers long and one kilometer wide, is a unique Alpine tundra landscape at an elevation of 2,200 meters. It is a protected landscape and has luckily been mostly spared as far as human encroachment is concerned. Numerous springs feed small mountain brooks that flow undisturbed through the plateau and form meanders, ponds and fens.

The Greina Plateau can be reached on foot from five different locations in Graubünden and Ticino. Four huts are available for overnight stays, the Terri Hut, the Capanna Motterascio, the Capanna Scaletta and - a little further away - the Medel Hut.