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Erbe aromatiche e officinali

Nature, springs, mountains and lakes. Fertile lands located on the north/south alpine divide, warm lands caressed by the northern föhn wind, but above all lands bathed in lots and lots of sunshine. It is in these conditions that medicinal herbs offer the best of themselves and these conditions are called TICINO.

Ticino is a place of artists and love of the land. In past centuries activities were begun tied to the land and which marked the history of the Canton: from silk worms to the tobacco industry, the art of cheese making and vegetable growing, while today, a major activity is grape-growing and the production of fine wines.

Erbe Ticino has a precise mission: to promote the quality of the medicinal herbs grown and nurtured in Ticino. The idea is to create, with the support of the Fondazione San Gottardo, a real centre of excellence of medicinal herbs and herbal products in Melano. Erbe Ticino assists the skilled Ticino farmers, including a number of different Foundations (San Gottardo, Otaf, Diamante, Ca Stella, La Fonte) and the Mezzana Farm and accompanies them through this production process to obtain top-quality medicinal herbs, according to organic farming principles, with most of the work being done manually.
Erbe Ticino purchases these precious harvests and transforms them into herbal teas, (Olivone, Brumana and dei Ghiacci) with excellent beneficial health properties, and much sought-after local gastronomic products, carefully selected and nourished by nature alone. Tasty, health-giving and balanced products with all the flavour of Ticino. 



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