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Erbe Ticino (cofti.ch SA)

The Erbe Ticino project stems from the desire of local investors to relaunch the Cofit Cooperative, a company that has represented a reality in the Blenio Valley specialized in the cultivation, processing and sale of products based on medicinal herbs from Ticino, with the aim of safeguarding the plantations of the mountain regions. Cofti.ch SA, promoter of the project, aims to promote the territory, enhancing the qualitative culture of herbs through the products of our land, bringing innovation and creativity but remaining faithfully anchored to local traditions and knowledge.
The Cofit Cooperative products’ revival has been possible thanks to the synergy among Ticino’s small production companies that allows cofti.ch SA to reintroduce unique products with a high quality standard that fulfill the “zero kilometer” philosophy. For this reason and thanks to the reinterpretation of the Ticino traditions in a respectful and modern way, cofti.ch SA is now able to offer products that fully reflect its style and values.

The products currently on the market are herbal teas, infusions made of natural herbs, aromas and salts, various gadgets and customised gift packs. The new concept and attractive design will allow these products to relaunch the range of existing products.
Cofti.ch SA represents an entrepreneurial and social reality that goes one step further further in the promotion and enhancement of our territory, while maintaining a high production capacity to ensure that the value of what we are doing ids appreciated as widely as possible even outside Swiss borders.


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