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Digital Detox experience

Your favourite destination for the new Digital Detox experience

Ferrovia Monte Generoso encourages you to plan a Digital Detox day in the midst of the Monte Generoso nature, alone, with family, friends or colleagues.

Here is what you should do:

  • Book your box online using the form.
  • What do you take with you? A good book, your iPod for music? Your watch? Cash, credit card? Camera ...
  • Be at the station ticket office at approx. 09:00, the train of your new digital detox experience leaves at 09:25.
  • Request the box you booked online, you will receive a personal key. Inside the box you will find your digital detox kit. Each box can hold up to 4 smartphones.
  • Inform your friends and family that you are about to start a digital break, switch off your mobile phone and lock your box.
  • Your new digital detox experience is about to begin...feel the satisfaction!
  • Time, energy and concentration are all for you and the world around you.
  • Read the tips in the digital detox kit carefully!
  • Enjoy every single moment, every new emotion, every image live and not filtered by the screen of your mobile phone!
  • Return to Capolago before the ticket office closes to collect your things. The train leaves the summit at 15:45.
  • Now you can pick up your mobile phone from the box and return the keys to the ticket office.
  • Don't be in a hurry to switch your phone back on and don't use it any more than before, otherwise the digital detox has been for nothing.

Start by changing your routine and, for example, tell yourself not to go on social media until at least the evening of this special day.
This is just the first step to really understanding how much time you spend on your phone and how many things you could do instead. You can do it again as often as you feel the need ‚to unplug‘, to take some time to reflect, to be more aware and to find the right "digital well-being" to live better.

CHF 10.00 per box per day

Book your box

When: March - October/December

  • Summer: March 25th 2023 - October 29th 2023 (daily)
  • Winter: December 2nd 2023 - March 31st 2024 (weekends and public holidays)

Duration: 2 - 8 h
Number of participants (min./max.): 10/96


  • OPENING 23.03 - 29.10