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Circolo Velico Agno

The CVA is located in a fortunate corner of the Ceresio coast whose name says it all: Tropical. Palm and banana trees complete the décor of the small arm of coastline. The CVA offers nautical services for practicing the sport of sailing, windsurfing and kayaking all year round. With related training activities for those who wish to approach these sports.

The headquarters offers a large indoor space for the collective activity of the members: adaptable to both convivial and cultural moments by means of an 'equipped area dedicated to training, meeting tables, seating corners around a lovely fireplace. A furnished kitchen, complemented by a wood-burning oven and a large grill, is also available. A large changing room with individual lockers is available to members. A reserved area hosts a workshop for boat repairs.

Outside offers space for private boats, kayaks, and windsurfers who can keep sails rigged in a small hangar. A covered terrace provides shade in the summertime.

Available to members are single and double sailboats, as well as a cabin cruiser at the marina pier, sailboards, and kayaks. A rescue vehicle is always on hand ready to leave the dock in case of need.

The CVA is a member of the Ticino Sailing Federation and consequently of Swiss Sailing the Swiss sailing federation; as a result, both regatta officials and recognized monitors are part of the CVA.

The sports activities are mainly in the training of approach to nautical sports and for the youth activity of both young and teen agers and adults. The society currently does not offer an activity aimed at competitiveness.

The educational activity of the sport of sailing, which requires swimming skills and a minimum age of 7 years, includes three different offers:

  • For younger children, there are summer group sailing courses lasting 5 afternoons from Monday to Friday. The boats used are single-crewed Optimist and O'pen Bic classes. 
  • For teen agers and adults, customized ad hoc training offers are available sailing on single-crew boats, the Lasers, or double, rather than collectives on the cabin boat. The Lady Blue.
  • - Also for teen agers, especially targeted for girls or mixed crews, a special training aspect on Olympic class boats with a crew of two: the 470.

Windsurfing training, which requires swimming ability and a minimum age of 16, consists of individual and group courses both in summer and winter. Sailboards of different types and performance are available.

The kayak training activity, which requires swimming ability and a minimum age of 8 years of age, takes into account how it is a multifaceted sport that leaves free choice for interpretation. On this arm of the lake you can explore every recondite bay and be very close to nature. The CVA offers basic courses for knowledge of the technical basics to paddle safely.


  • VENUES Canoeing , Eco-friendly , Sailing , Windsurf