Image 0 - Chiesa di S. Maria dei Miracoli
Image 1 - Chiesa di S. Maria dei Miracoli
Image 2 - Chiesa di S. Maria dei Miracoli
Image 3 - Chiesa di S. Maria dei Miracoli

Chiesa di S. Maria dei Miracoli

In the summer of 1594 Catherine and Angela, two girls from Milan, make a long, tiring journey from the Lombardy capital to Morbio in order to be blessed by the local substitute parish priest, Don Gaspare dei Barberini, to whom special charismas were attributed. When they arrived in the village they met their mothers and other women in front of the effigies of the Madonna painted on the tumble-down wall of the old castle. The two maids, sick and tormented by the devil, hope in divine intercession so as to be freed from their pains. At a certain point in the prayer the miracle happens: the Madonna appears to them and heals them. Exactly one year later, in 1595 the building of the sanctuary begins. It immediately becomes a destination for pilgrims. The façade of the building is renaissance in style with a solemn cupola and bell tower joined to the church. The Stucco work, decorations and frescoes are of certain interest and make the church precious and rich. Above the apse a coloured glass window illustrates and remembers the intercession of the Madonna for Catherine and Angela.