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CasaGalleria.ART is an unconventional art gallery dedicated to photography, contemporary and digital art (NFT - Not Fungible Token) in Rovio Val Mara.

It is much more than a gallery, located in an exceptional natural setting in a valley covered by Merlot vineyards and enjoying a privileged view of Monte Generoso. Visitors from all over the world, attracted by natural beauty and a passion for art are welcome to admire and engage with each other in a creative space where there are no boundaries between inside and outside. Founded in 2018 by Silvia Torricelli, it is also the artistic residence of visual artist Yuri Catania where, in addition to the creative atelier, he has also set up his photographic studio for portraits. A place where everything returns to nature in a 2.0 lifestyle concept.

CasaGalleria.ART organises art events and promotes local artists from Ticino and beyond. Exhibitions often go beyond the confines of the gallery, involving the entire historic core of the village of Rovio to give rise to larger events. 


  • TIMETABLE Monday: By appointment only
    Tuesday: By appointment only
    Wednesday: By appointment only
    Thursday: By appointment only
    Friday: By appointment only
    Saturday: 14:00 - 18:00
    Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00
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