Image 0 - Bark


Bark is not merely an ornament or a covering for aesthetic purposes; it also plays an important role in the life of a plant, protecting the wood fibres through which the lymphatic channels run. It is important to respect the bark of trees, most importantly to ensure the health and the safeguarding of all the life forms that live in them.

Whoever placed the St. Gotthard in the heart of Europe gave the people of the Leventina valley a priceless gift: three enchanted worlds. Take your time when visiting the Upper, Middle and Lower Valley and be guided by the strange effect of time in this region. Strange, because as you travel up the valley from the south you climb 800 metres and go from spring to mid-winter in just over half an hour. These variations in climate influence the vegetation which is universally lush but varies enormously, ranging from palm trees and romantic vineyards to thick pine forests. It isn’t surprising therefore that the choice of activities and events on offer for tourists is kaleidoscopic.