Image 0 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 1 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 2 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 3 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 4 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 5 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 6 - Artisanship House, Dongio
Image 7 - Artisanship House, Dongio

Artisanship House, Dongio


The Associazione Artigiani Bleniesi was founded on 25 October 1989 by a small group of artisans, and now boasts around 60 members.

The headquarters, at the Casa dell’Artigianato, Piazza S. Domenico 82, Dongio, is also the only point of sale for products bearing the “Artigianato del Ticino” brand in the Bellinzona and Three Valleys region.

The aim of this association is to promote, preserve and recover traditional artisan techniques that are at risk of dying out.

Our logo, the snail, represents the artisans at work, symbolising the calm and the extra time required for the creation of each item, which is unique and never mass-produced.

During the run-up to the Christmas festivities, the shop remains open even on some Sundays.

Regular events:

  • 1 August: The “old masters” day when artisans present their activities and offer the chance to try out the various techniques. A flea market is held at the same time. All this takes place outside the shop, which will remain open for the occasion.
  • 8 December: A Christmas-themed day in our shop.
  • Courses organised on request (ceramics, basket-weaving, felting, quilt-making using wool, yarn-making, glass-fusing).


  • TIMETABLE Tuesday: 14.00-18.00
    Wednesday: 14.00-18.00
    Thursday: 14.00-18.00
    Friday: 14.00-18.00
    Saturday: 14.00-17.00