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Amaro Generoso

Amaro Generoso is an aperitif - digestif created in Ticino, a young and daring interpretation of the traditional “Medeghett”, a typical liquor from Muggio Valley obtained from sagebrush absinthe, an herb well known for its proprieties to whet appetite and to help digestion.

Besides the sagebrush “Medeghett”, the exclusive recipe also contains other herbs: thyme, sage, bay leaf, verbena, elder, amomile, basswood, ginger, menthe, fennel seeds and other herbs which, as desired by the recipe creator, remain mysterious. Amaro Generoso has a biologic certification and is produced without the addition neither of colorants nor natural aromas or artificial extracts. For this reason his warm coloring has some strong amber reflections and a light natural turbidity due to the sole use of Natural herbs. 


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