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Acqua Party Boat

BBQ Boat where you can sizzle sausages over an open flame while floating in the water (what could go wrong?)

In Lugano, summer barbecues are no longer confined to dry land, thanks to the BBQ boat Barbecue, picnic table and boat all in one: here is the revolutionary Floating Donut for your lunches, dinners, cocktails or summer brunches off.

It is not a normal boat but the first floating donut for a barbecue in the middle of the lake.

A picnic on the lake has always been the dream of all, let's face it, especially when the heat gets unbearable, and it is now possible thanks to the BBQ-Boat, a motor boat equipped with a table for ten people aboard but above all an efficient gas-powered barbecue and a audio system.

The eletric endowment engine does not require a license, so anyone who is at least 18-years-old can drive it.

We are 50 m far away from Mojito Bar.

Use the code code BBQ17 by the reservation and if you are under the first 10 you will get a price reduction of 25% on the rentprice.


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