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Navigation Company of Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano (known locally as ‘Lake Ceresio’) is a relatively small natural basin that is situated on the border between Italy and Switzerland. In the distant past, it was connected to Lake Como. Hugged by green mountains that are reflected in the water and bordered by particularly beautiful beaches, the lakeside is dotted with small villages with colourful houses and fishermen's nets; the gentle sound of the waves breaking on the shore reverberates in the air. It brings to mind the fjords of northern Europe, but with a mild climate and picture-perfect, clear skies. Lake Lugano is teeming with different species of fish; fishing, which had once almost been completely abandoned, is now once again carried out, also by some professionals.

The charcteristical form of Lake Lugano, which stretches out its arms in all directions, and its shores, with picturesque villages or unspoilt natural landscapes, make a boat trip particularly attractive.

A cruise on Lake Lugano allows you to discover places of rare beauty and admire unique landscapes from a charming and unusual perspective. You can enjoy the view of picturesque villages on the lake shore as Morcote, Bissone and Gandria, which is an illustration of a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Lugano. You will also have the pleasure to admire the majesty of the mountains that overlook the lake of Lugano, like Monte Generoso, and the splendor of the nature that surrounds it.

Detailed information:

  • 9 boats of 2 - 300 people and 40 piers
  • Restaurant on board managed by Cambusa Lugano
  • Historical boat Milan 1927 recently restored
  • Vedetta 1908, the first electrodriven passenger boat of Switzerland
  • MNE Ceresio 1931: the first Swiss electric motor vessel with fast recharge and zero emissions, and the first electric motor vessel operating daily for passenger transport. Also the first retrofitting realized to accommodate a fully electric propulsion.



  • The boats "Milano", "San Gottardo", "Italia", "Ceresio" and "Lugano" are accessible for wheelchairs
  • The toilets on "San Gottardo", "Italia" and "Lugano" are accessible
  • The boats "Lugano" and "Italia" have an escalator (max 300 kg) from the entrance level to the superior covered level
  • Full fare for the invalid persons with invalid pass and free for his escort.

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