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LuganoInScena offers a programme which runs the gamut from prose theatre to contemporary theatre, from national and international dance spectacles to musical programme and successful musical.

It has played host to leading figures from the world of theatre and works closely with local artists. The range of performances on offer is addressed to as vast audience as possibile, combining experimentation and tradition. From 2015 LAC Arts Centre allows LuganoInScena to produce and coproduction prose and dance spectacles, that after tour to other Theatre.

On stage at the theater there is a good mix of classics and more contemporary shows, so that everyone can find the play or show they like, whether it’s comedy or a musical. Every year stand up comedians also go on stage, making people laugh both in Italian and in the local dialect.

Music also plays an important role during “Lugano in Scena”: pop, rock, jazz, flamenco…every year music lovers can see their favorite musicians on stage or they can explore new genres.

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