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Hockey Club Ambrì Piotta

The Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta
In September 1937, six young people from Ambrì and Piotta created one of the most original sports clubs in the world. Three quarters of a century after that day, the Hockey Club Ambrì Piotta still represents a unicum, resisting the power of large urban centres despite increasing running costs. The Club lives on, with the same spirit as always. The same spirit that animated the pioneers of the sport and that still hovers over the Gotthard Arena and in the hearts of those who wear or sympathise with the white and blue jersey.


The white-blue fan
The HCAP supporters are known and appreciated throughout Switzerland for their enthusiastic way of chanting and choreographing. It is undoubtedly the club that arouses the most interest at the national level with a large following at home games with a seasonal average of around 5'000 and a more than decent following at away games.


The Gottardo Arena
The new multifunctional Ambri Piotta stadium, designed by architect Mario Botta, presents itself as one compact building volume. The barrel-vaulted structure has three above-ground floors and a basement.

The entrance floor houses the reception area for the public and divides the flow of visitors between the various spectator sectors with a total of 6775 seats.

On the first floor there is a restaurant with a view of both the playing field and the surrounding area. On the same level are various sales and service areas.

On the 2nd floor are the administration offices, the VIP skyboxes with an unobstructed view of the rink, the smokers lounge and the TV broadcasting facilities.

The basement, with the changing rooms, toilets and training rooms, is reserved for the players. All the technical rooms, storage rooms and a public shelter with a total of 858 places are also located here.

The First Team
The team has played uninterruptedly since 1985 in the Swiss NLA league, which consists of 14 teams. It is composed of Swiss players with the inclusion of some foreign players. The squad often includes players from the club's youth sector.

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