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"Ticino a Tavola" - terroir tasting

It’s not meant to be a fair, but a project aimed at sustainably promoting agri-food products grown in Ticino and restaurateurs who use them as a basis for traditional or innovative recipes throughout the year. “Ticino a Tavola” is an initiative launched by GastroTicino with the aim of increasing the knowledge and the use of typical goods from Ticino in the restaurant industry, including through collaborations with the Centre of Agro-Food Competence Ticino (CCAT), UCT (Ticino farmers’ union), and large retailers.

Restaurateurs, manufacturers, and re­tailers interested in taking part in the project can either call +41 91 961 83 11, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. “Ticino a Tavola” is calling for restaurateurs who believe in the terroir of Ticino to keep four dishes and/or a set menu of the day (which will vary de­pending on requirements and seasonal availability) made with local products on the menu throughout the year (exceptions can be made when the commitment to favouring local products and/or wines justifies offering something different); these should be dishes foodies can pair with one of the many wines from Ticino.

At a time when not only flavours, but also traditions are at risk of being flattened out by globalization, “Ticino a Tavola” opens the door to promoting the agricultural treasures our Canton has to offer those who want to discover them. To this end, you can find the restaurants and grottos participating in the initiative in this guide or on the website www.ticinoatavola.ch.  

Additionally..."homemade' continues to grow

The catering industry in Ticino relies heavily on regional products to differentiate itself from the competition. The 'Ticino a Tavola' initiative is an expression of this philosophy: participating restaurants offer dishes prepared with Ticino products and served with Ticino wines all year round. The idea hits the mark, as regionality and authenticity have regained their central role. And in order to further enhance the use of local products, GastroTicino has launched the "Fatto in casa" (Home-made) project for restaurants linked to Ticino a Tavola. This project promotes those restaurants that choose to offer their customers dishes prepared, processed and cooked entirely in the restaurant kitchen.