Image 0 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
Image 1 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
Image 2 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
Image 3 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
Image 4 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
Image 5 -  Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
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Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park

The small village of Tremona has become known for its archaeological excavations which have been carried out since 2000. Teams of archaeologists and volunteers have uncovered well-preserved remains of a hilltop settlement which, with its remarkable finds,  provides unique insights into the past of the region. Most of all, archaeology shows what life was like in a medieval village. Excavations have revealed how the villagers lived and died, how their houses were built and what conditions were like for both peasants and the lord of the castle.

To make the findings accessible to the public, the Mendrisio Town Council is working closely with ARAM, Mendrisiotto Tourist Office, the Monte San Giorgio Foundation and the owners of the premises to design an archaeological park.

How to reach the park
The archaeological park is reachable within 10 minutes by foot, following the trail leaving from Tremona (via al Castello). Good shoes are advised. The trail is not suited for prams.

Didactic itinerary
The archaeological park offers a detailed reconstruction of the daily life of a rural village during medieval times, through a route illustrated by panels in two languages (Italian and English). The visitors may therefore grasp the strategic role the settlement had during the past, as well as discover the daily life led by the inhabitants, through interesting characters and  themes, such as the blacksmith and  its workshop, the woman and her activities, the houses and the feeding.

Go off to explore the medieval village through the 3D
The meticulous study of archaeological artefacts discovered on-site and their comparison with other archaeological pieces allowed the reconstitution of the various phases and characteristics of the village of Tremona-Castello.

The films
Thanks to the 3D technology, a film was produced  to give the viewer the opportunity to visit the village virtually. Furthermore, historical reconstitutions have been organised in the archaeological park by the group Quod Principi Placet, showing scenes going from daily life to war, from work to play. The films are available on YouTube.

The 3D glasses
In order to improve the experience by projecting oneself into the Middle Age thanks to augmented reality,  there is the possibility to rent 3D glasses, available exclusively at the following address :

Infopoint: c/o casa comunale, via al Castello 10, 6865 Tremona
Phone 004158 688 32 02


  • usually from Thursday to Sunday
  • Otherwise, daily from July 5th to August 19th, from October 6th to October 21nd, and from October 27th to October 31st 2018  
  • from 10:00 to 18:00

About the renting of glasses

  • The glasses are currently available in 4 languages (Italian, French, German and English).
  • It is possible to rent them from 10:30 until 17:00.
  • The maximal duration of the renting is of 2 hours.

The costs of the renting (2 hours) are as followed:

  • Adults CHF 12.-/pair of glasses
  • Children from 8 to 16  / Students / AVS CHF 8.-/pair of glasses
  • Families up to 4 people (2 adults, 2 children) CHF 30.- (= 4 pairs of glasses)
  • And for each additional child CHF 7.-/pair of glasses
  • Groups (having booked), minimum 10 people CHF 7.-/ pair of glasses


The 3D glasses rental for school groups is only permitted from middle school onwards.

In order to rent the glasses, an ID must be left as a deposit.
It is advised to wear good shoes (for hiking trails).