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Numerous bloggers and friends from Ticino have written these articles in different languages on an infinite number of themes. We invite you to a journey through Ticino, with the eyes of those who have shared their experiences online.







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Every month we select one of the posts just published to make you relive small moments and a great experience.

Ticino for all!

Many bloggers visit the southernmost region of Switzerland and describe their experience in a post that could be of inspiration to you too. Here you find a selection of articles on various topics for a holiday in Ticino.

family & kids

Here are some ideas on how to spend time with your loved ones. What's today? A treasure hunt, a visit to medieval castles or a walk? Definitely a lot of quality time for your kids.

nature & outdoor

Ticino under the open sky. There are numerous activities, sports and panorama, lake and mountains, hiking and diving, events and festivals, here we talk about everything the region has in store for those who go out into the open.

sleep & eat

In this selection of items everything revolves around where to eat and sleep. In Ticino you can find a wide choice of accommodation, from the most rustic to the most luxurious and around a table everyone becomes friends. And happy.

tv & documentaries

To enjoy the beauty of Ticino sitting comfortably on the sofa. Discover the diversity of the territory through these thematic documentaries.

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    • 31.10.2021 WDR Reisen: Lago maggiore - destinazione da sogno per i tedesci - youtube.com

      11.10.2021 Traumhafte Bahnstrecken der Schweiz - 3sat.de

      31.10.21 Wunderschön. Dolce Vita mit Schweizer Bergpanorama: Lago Maggiore - WDR Reisen

      21.09.21 Kulinarische Entdeckungsreise Bellinzona e Valli – bettybossi.ch

      14.06.21 Das Tessin - Zwischen Lago Maggiore und Gotthard - 3sat.de

      24.09.20 Bike Ride to the Swiss Holiday Paradise Ticino - youtube.com

      11.09.20 Mini Schwiiz, dini Schwiiz: Tessin Tag 5 Coldrerio - srf.ch

      10.09.20 Mini Schwiiz, dini Schwiiz: Tessin Tag 4 Lugano - srf.ch

      09.09.20 Mini Schwiiz, dini Schwiiz: Tessin Tag 3 Balerna - srf.ch

      08.09.20 Mini Schwiiz, dini Schwiiz: Tessin Tag 2 Monteggio - srf.ch

      07.09.20 Mini Schwiiz, dini Schwiiz: Tessin Tag 1 Melide - srf.ch

      02.08.20 Schweizer Flussgeschichten - Der Ticino - 3sat.de

      22.07.20 Landuf, Landab - Alto Ticino sat1.ch

      10.01.19 Tolt around the world: Don't go to Ticino - youtube.com

      13.12.18 Die perfekte Kurzreise ins schweizerische Tessin - SR Fernsehen

      12.10.18 Bowling ball vs. trampoline from 165m Dam! - youtube.com

      01.10.18 Geo: Le valli del Ticino - raiplay.it

      04.06.17 Linea Verde - Svizzera: il Canton Ticino - raiplay.it

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