Roam the ridges

Explore Ticino's mountain crest trails

"Roam the ridges" - Explore the stunning ridge trails of southern Switzerland! Ticino is a superb hiking destination, boasting remarkable trails such as Via Alta Vallemaggia and Tamaro-Lema. Here you'll find all the essential information to plan your trekking adventure, ensuring you approach these trails with careful planning and preparation. Through "Roam the Ridges," we aim to inspire you to explore our mountains in a conscious and authentic manner, fully embracing the immersive experience they offer.

The project is a collaboration between Ticino Turismo and the collective The Alpinist, which is made of eleven friends, all photography, travel and adventure enthusiasts. Four of them will cover some of Ticino's ridge trails and share their experience on @thealpinist as well as on their own accounts:

Roam the ridges: Via Alta Vallemaggia

Roam the ridges: La traversata Tamaro - Lema

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